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Dance Classes at Motions

At Motions Dance Academy, we offer classes for 2-year old students through high school.

Photo of Motions Dancer Lexi

Motions Love

"The teachers at Motions are fantastic, the atmosphere is great and the studio is a warm and welcoming place. I highly recommend Motions!" Jo Bialas, Lincoln, NE
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Dance Studio Instructors at Motions

  • Photo of Melissa Meranda, Academy Owner/Director

    Melissa Meranda

    Academy Owner/Director

    “It’s our students that provide our inspiration. I love teaching dance!”
  • Photo of Grace Schirmer, Instructor/Assistant Academy Director

    Grace Schirmer

    Instructor/Assistant Academy Director

    “Dancing at Motions is a joy that I love seeing come to life in all our students.”
  • Photo of Arianna Pickering, Studio Instructor

    Arianna Pickering

    Studio Instructor

    “I’m thankful for the chance to inspire others just as I have been inspired during my time at Motions!”
  • Photo of Ella Ridge, Studio Instructor

    Ella Ridge

    Studio Instructor

    “I cherish the opportunity to pass on my love for dance that Motions gave me!”
  • Photo of Chloe Colgrove, Studio Instructor

    Chloe Colgrove

    Studio Instructor

    “I love sharing my love of learning and dancing and seeing that passion come to life in Motions dancers!”
  • Photo of Audrey Bartek, Studio Instructor

    Audrey Bartek

    Studio Instructor

    “Dance has been a huge part of my life, I love sharing my passion!”
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