Every spring, our dancers perform at the annual dance recital

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Dance Classes at Motions

At Motions Dance Academy, we offer classes for 2-year old students through high school.

Photo of Motions Dancer Halle

Motions Love

"My daughters' love for dance has grown since they started dancing at Motions. They are always excited to go to class and absolutely love the recital." Jo Bialas, Lincoln, NE
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Dance Studio Instructors at Motions

  • Photo of Melissa Meranda, Academy Owner/Director

    Melissa Meranda

    Academy Owner/Director

    “It’s our students that provide our inspiration. I love teaching dance!”
  • Photo of Grace Schirmer, Instructor/Assistant Academy Director

    Grace Schirmer

    Instructor/Assistant Academy Director

    “Dancing at Motions is a joy that I love seeing come to life in all our students.”
  • Photo of Arianna Pickering, Studio Instructor

    Arianna Pickering

    Studio Instructor

    “I’m thankful for the chance to inspire others just as I have been inspired during my time at Motions!”
  • Photo of Ella Ridge, Studio Instructor

    Ella Ridge

    Studio Instructor

    “I cherish the opportunity to pass on my love for dance that Motions gave me!”
  • Photo of Chloe Colgrove, Studio Instructor

    Chloe Colgrove

    Studio Instructor

    “I love sharing my love of learning and dancing and seeing that passion come to life in Motions dancers!”
  • Photo of Audrey Bartek, Studio Instructor

    Audrey Bartek

    Studio Instructor

    “Dance has been a huge part of my life, I love sharing my passion!”
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